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The unparalleled power of imagination

Kunstloc Brabant wants as many people from Brabant as possible to participate in arts and culture, because this inspires you and enriches your life.

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Arts and culture are the breeding ground for curiosity, amazement and imagination. If arts and culture are given a natural and unmistakable place in the daily life of every citizen of Brabant, this stimulates innovation in our society. Because, through our imagination, we can imagine other realities, envision the past, dream of the future, and put ourselves in another's shoes.

As a knowledge and implementation organization for the province of North Brabant, Kunstloc Brabant is committed to the broad field of arts and culture. From primary school to the stage, and from professional maker to amateur artist. We also encourage the use of arts and culture in projects adressing social issues such as quality of life, sustainability and healthcare. Take a look at the many projects we contribute to.

In other words: Kunstloc works on strengthening arts and culture. We do this by making visible the significance of arts and culture for our society, increasing the resilience of the cultural sector, helping to shape cultural education in and around schools, and by advising governments on cultural policy. We offer expertise, network opportunities and access to financial support.

On the basis of the implementation program of the province of Noord-Brabant, Kunstloc works for municipalities, educational and social organizations, the cultural sector, and the business community.

Kunstloc Brabant helps the province implement and develop a distinctive and impactful cultural policy, so that every citizen of Brabant can experience and practice arts. In this way, cultural policy contributes positively to the living and working climate in North Brabant.

Kunstloc Brabant inspires and advises municipalities in the realization of impactful and integral local cultural policy, so that the practice and experience of arts is accessible to all inhabitants of Brabant. This contributes to their prosperity and well-being.

Kunstloc Brabant coaches schools in designing cultural education, so that all children have the opportunity to become acquainted with arts and culture, and enable them to approach society with imagination and an open, inquiring view.

Cultural sector
Kunstloc Brabant contributes to the effectiveness of cultural institutions and makers by supporting them in organizational strength, finance and marketing. We help them get the best out of themselves and grow their social impact.

Organizations & companies
Kunstloc Brabant encourages social organizations and companies to find innovative solutions for their tasks by connecting them to knowledge and networks in the cultural sector, to help them innovate with imagination and a fresh perspective.